Data Sheet

Need details of UD-Flax Mute?

UD-Flax Mute
Enjoy the silence

UD-Flax Mute is a laminated composite plate designed to provide a thin & lightweight barrier for structure-borne noise.

UD-Flax Mute provides a unique noise barrier performance and high mechanical properties as well.

UD-Flax Mute is a perfect fit for industries looking for sustainable solutions in acoustic panels and noise control systems.

UD-Flax Mute can be used as;

  • a layer in noise control systems
  • skin (face) sheet in sandwich structures especially with PUR foams

We offer UD-Flax Mute as flat sheets in required dimensions up to 1 m2 and a thickness of 2 – 4 mm depending on noise barrier requirements.

No specific precautions in handling, composite manufacturing, storage,
packaging and transport is required.



Width: 10 - 100 cm
Length: 10 - 100 cm
Thickness : 2 - 4 mm


0.8 - 1.2 kg/m2 (1 mm thick)
30 - 50% fiber content


customized performance
via flexible production


Ready-to-use laminated structures to be used as flat or shaped
into varied structures.

Suitable for thermoforming processess.

Recommended process temperature is 190 C - 210 C.

UD-Flax Mute properties