Data Sheet

Need details of UD-Flax 50?

UD-Flax 50
the mechanical performance

UD-Flax 50 is polypropylene based UD organosheet/prepreg reinforced with flax fibers.

UD-Flax 50 is designed to provide maximum mechanical performance.

UD-Flax 50 is a perfect fit for industries looking for maximum weight reduction combined
with high performance and sustainability.

UD-Flax 50 is typically used to manufacture laminated plates or hybrid & sandwich structures.

UD-Flax 50 has near-zero CTE, hence provide a good processing compatibility with
carbon fiber reinforced prepregs.

UD-Flax 50 is now available in rolls up to 100 cm wide and 50 m long or as flat
sheets in required dimensions. Upon request, we can design & manufacture
multi-ply flat laminates in varied stacking sequences.

No specific precautions in handling, composite manufacturing, storage,
packaging and transport is required.



Width: up to 100 cm
Length: up to 50 m
Thickness : 0.25 mm


325 g/m2
50 % fiber


customized performance
via flexible production


Ready-to-use prepregs to be shaped into varied structures.

Suitable for thermoforming, injection overmolding and automated
tape laying processes.

Recommended process temperature is 190 C - 210 C.

UD-Flax 50 properties