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Nature-based composite solutions

UD-Flax is thermoplastic based UD organosheet/prepreg reinforced with flax fibers. This ready-to-use thermoplastic UD organosheet performs unique mechanical & acoustic properties.

Laminated plates of UD-Flax offer;

  • up to 3-fold higher mechanical performance compared to wood plastic composites
  • minimum 2-fold higher mechanical performance compared to composites reinforced with conventional natural fiber mats
  • similar or even 10% better mechanical performance compared to glass mat reinforced thermoplastic composites
  • up to 2-fold better sound barrier /weight performance compared to EPDM or similar sound barrier solutions

UD-Flax is a perfect fit for multiple industries thanks to its unique performance, compatibility with mat, woven and honeycomb structures and suitability for thermoforming processes.

UD-Flax is now available in rolls up to 100 cm wide and 50 m long or as flat sheets in required dimensions. Up on request, we can design & manufacture multi-ply flat laminates in varied stacking sequences.

No specific precautions in handling, composite manufacturing, storage, packaging and transport is required.

Wide Range of
Design Possibility


Width: up to 100 cm
Length: up to 50 m
Thickness : 0.25 mm


200 - 350 g/m2
30 - 50% fiber volume
PP or PLA based product



customized performance
via flexible production

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Our production technique enables us to
re-design performance-determining

production parameters specific to your needs and offer customized solutions with flexible price/performance.

From structure to dimension, we can easily adapt new design parameters to serve you the best fit UD-Flax.


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