September 2018, Bursa/TURKEY

Our Partner

FOMPAK Inc. is a manufacturer of passenger car and light commercial vehicle trim components located in Turkey but has R&D and design offices in multiple
locations in Europe. We have partnered with Fompak as an innovation provider to design lighter and sustainable interior panels on May 2018.

The Journey

The best-fit panel design from UD-Flax has been figured out after 3 months of intensive work. We have designed and developed 23 prototype composite panels from UD-Flax. We have produced and tested parcel-shelfs manufactured from UD-Flax with our partner Fompak Inc.

The Outcome

While expecting only weight reduction, we were surprized by a remarkable reduction in both cycle time and process temperature. This study is a clear sign for adaptability of UD-Flax in automotive sector in sustainable weight reduction.


A weight reduction up to 40% is not a dream anymore but a real case via much thinner designs with UD-Flax! The parcelshelf is manufactured at the premises of our partner without any change in production process. UD-Flax is %100 compatible with current interior panel manufacturing processes. Parcelshelf manufactured is tested by our partner’s laboratories and passed the major tests (the stiffness test and the deflection under load test).

Moreover; thinner designs in vehicle components with UD-Flax has reduced the thermoforming cycle time up to 50% and the process temperature by 20%.