June 2018, Istanbul/TURKEY

Noise can be

Vibration damping is a well-known characteristic of flax fibers. Our hypothesis was creating unique noise barriers to structure-borne sounds like working engine power or steps on the upper floor etc.

To volume down these annoying sounds; we have focused on designing sustainable and lighter acoustic materials with UD-Flax.

New Desings in

We came up with two different solutions: replacing ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) with UD-Flax 232 and strengthen up polyurethane foam (PU) in acoustic barrier applications.

The Outcome

The results were better than expected. UD-Flax provided up to 2-fold better sound insulation/weight performance compared to EPDM and helped PU foam to perform up to %10 better sound absorbing with enhanced strength.

In short a new solution for new ways of eco-friendly designs in acoustic sector.



Now it's easy to reduce sound intensity up to 40 dB via noise-barrier panels from UD-Flax. A new and eco-friendly alternative to EPDM to block the annoying structure-borne sounds and let you to leave the noise behind.

By designing and manufacturing sound insulation and interior trim components generally for commercial vehicles; we make combination of PU foam & UD-Flax possible. What we got is better sound absorption with enhanced mechanical performance.