enablers of plant-based advanced composites

a diverse set of expertise ranging from natural-fibers,
biocomposites, textile structures, polymers, and engineering.

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Our Story & Our People

At BPREG, we create composite material solutions that empower companies in achieving sustainable manufacturing without sacrificing competitiveness.

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Erhan Sessizoglu

Erhan has 15+ years of expertise in the automotive industry. He worked for FCA Turkey under different managerial positions, was World Class Manufacturing Executive between 2009 – 2016. Erhan has lots of experience in manufacturing and operations management. He is currently managing the production of BPREG in our factory in Bursa, Turkey. Erhan holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering.


Burcu Karaca, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, CTO

Burcu has 10+ years of expertise in natural fiber composites and textile structures. Her Ph.D. studies on the aligned flax fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite material are the point of origin for BPREG. She is a member of the Royal Academy of Engineering Frontiers - The Circular Economy Group. Burcu is also co-founder of an R & D Cooperative named Dongu which focuses on the cultivation of flax & hemp in Turkey.



Semih Erden, Rttp Partner, Business Development

Semih has over 10 years of experience in business development and technology commercialization. After a passionate career in supporting early-stage material startups in his previous position at Ege Technopark, he joined the BPREG to boost the sustainability impact of the company. Semih is also a certified Registered Technology Transfer Professional since 2018.



Burcu Girginer, Ph.D. Partner, Business Development

Burcu has 10+ years of scientific experience in polymer engineering, thermoplastics, polymer characterization, automotive manufacturing technologies, material testing, and certifications. She spent 7+ years at Farplas, a global automotive supplier, providing interior ceiling systems, interior / exterior trims. Burcu holds a Ph.D. in Advanced Materials; MSc. in Polymer Science & Technology.



Henri Perrin, Ph.D. Board Advisor

Henri Perrin holds a Ph.D. in process engineering from the Arts et Metiers Paris-Tech. Henri has vast experience in composite manufacturing technologies, especially thermoplastics. Since 2017, he develops at The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST); he is currently the Composite Platform leader.


Zeynep Derece Board Advisor

Zeynep is co-founder of Dongu Cooperative, an R&D cooperative BPREG has started which focuses on agricultural production of bast fibers (flax and hemp) in Turkey. Zeynep is building the value chain of BPREG from field to composite; securing the raw material quality of our composites. She has a permaculture farm where she gained vast expertise in cultivation and sustainable agriculture. Zeynep holds a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering.



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BPREG Partners

We work collaboratively with sustainability-focused companies and research institutions from all over the world.
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