Woven Prepregs of BPREG

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Further Sustainability in Thermoforming

EcoRein/W is a thermoplastic-based prepreg reinforced with biaxially aligned flax fibers in the form of woven fabrics. The reinforcing flax fibers are carbon-neutral, renewable, and lightweight (similar to carbon fiber and 40% lighter than glass).

Easy of Handling and Drapability with Pleasing Aesthetics

EcoRein/W prepregs provide orthotropic mechanical properties rather than a maximized performance in one direction as in the case of EcoRein/UD. The interconnected flax fibers within varied weave patterns bring drapability and ease of manual handling.

EcoRein/W prepregs offer sustainable solutions to the complex dilemma in the material selection of optimum performance, lightest design, minimum environmental impact, scalability, and affordability.

No Additional Thermoplastic Film or Sheet 

EcoRein/W family is suitable for all thermoforming processes (compression molding, vacuum molding, injection overmolding, and automated tape laying). There is no need to use extra thermoplastic film/sheet. Our prepregs are also compatible with non-woven and wovens (natural, glass, basalt, or carbon fiber based), cork, plywood, decorative fabrics, and honeycomb structures.

Polymer, Structure, Weight, and Color Options

Besides carbon-neutral and bio-based reinforcing fibers, we offer two polymer options in EcoRein/W family: polypropylene for recyclability, and polylactic acid for enhanced biodegradability. We help product designers in going sustainable without compromising performance, aesthetics, and lightweighting.

EcoRein/W is available in 100cm wide rolls in twill or plain structures. We have two standard weight options: 300 gr/m2 and 400 gr/m2. Upon request, we can customize weight and width. We do not color flax fibers to eliminate environmental loads, but colored polymer options are available.

Finally, no specific precautions in handling, composite manufacturing, storage, packaging, and transport are required.

EcoRein® Woven

Prepreg Solutions

EcoRein® W-30

Need an affordable and recyclable material?
Try W-30; combination of %30 flax fiber and %70 polypropylene

EcoRein® W-50

Need high performance and recyclability?
Try W-50; combination of %50 flax fiber and %50 polypropylene

EcoRein® W-100

Need biodegradability?
Try W-100; combination of %50 flax fiber and %50 polylactic acid

Need Customized Solutions?

EcoRein® W-30 is designed to provide a balance between standart performance and affordability. It is a perfect fit for industries looking for sustainable solutions but put affordability rather than high performance at the first place.

EcoRein® W-50 is designed to provide the enhanced mechanical performance. It is a perfect fit for industries looking for high mechanical performance within sustainable solutions.

EcoRein® W-100 is designed for enhanced biodegrability. It is a perfect fit for industries where not only end-of-use waste but also optimum performance matters.

EcoRein® Woven family is assertive in replacing/reducing synthetic materials such as plastics, glass- and carbon-fiber reinforcements. Besides current product portfolio, EcoRein® Woven tailored to your needs is just a call / e-mail away. Just let us know to re-design performance-determining production parameters and offer you the best-fit product.