Unidirectional Prepregs of BPREG

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The Future of Sustainable Reinforcement

Carbon-neutral, renewable thermoplastic-based prepregs for maximum performance

EcoRein/UD is a thermoplastic-based prepreg reinforced with unidirectionally aligned flax fibers. The flax fibers are carbon-neutral, renewable, and lightweight; similar to carbon fiber and 40% lighter than glass.

Designed for Maximum Performance and Sustainability

Unidirectionally aligned flax fibers in EcoRein/UD product family provide the maximum performance possible through fiber direction. Besides bio-based reinforcing fibers, thermoplastic polymer options (polypropylene and polylactic acid) in EcoRein/UD family help product engineers go further in sustainability.

A Widely Compatible Material Solution

EcoRein/UD family is suitable for all thermoforming processes such as compression molding, vacuum molding, injection overmolding, and automated tape laying. Our prepregs are also compatible with non-woven and wovens (natural, glass, basalt, or carbon fiber based), cork, plywood, and honeycomb structures.

Ready to Mold; Just Heat and Shape

There is no need to add extra thermoplastic polymer film/powder during thermoforming processes. Heat under IR/contact heater and then press/form in the compression molding process. In the injection molding process, fix it in the mold and then inject polymer. No specific precautions in handling, composite manufacturing, storage, packaging, and transport are required.

We are able to produce EcoRein/UD in wide-width (currently up to 100 cm) and continuous form. EcoRein/UD family is available in rolls or flat sheets in the required dimensions.

EcoRein/UD Prepreg Options


High in polymer combination, %35 flax fiber and %65 polypropylene


Combination of %50 flax fiber and %50 polypropylene for high-performance applications


Combination of %50 flax fiber and %50 polylactic acid for ultimate sustainability applications.

Multiple Benefits over Synthetic Materials

EcoRein/UD enables replacing/reducing synthetic materials such as plastics, glass-fiber reinforcements, and even carbon fiber. Apart from being sustainable and high-performing, there are several benefits of EcoRein/UD:

  • Reduce weight by up to %40; cycle time by up to %60
  • Up to %50 reductions in plastic
  • Up to %70 reductions in the environmental footprint 
  • Design thinner and lighter parts
  • No waste! Offcuts are 100% recyclable
  • Esthetic surface cover, A-class finish
  • Easy formability into complex shapes
  • Compatible with semi-structural applications
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