Slit Tapes of BPREG

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The First Sustainable Slit Tape

Introducing EcoRein/ST - our flax-fiber reinforced thermoplastic unidirectional slit tape, a game-changing sustainable composite material.

Superior Strength and Dematerialization: Benefits of EcoRein/ST

Our unidirectional slit tapes provide outstanding strength in a single direction, making them perfect for applications requiring high stiffness and low weight. EcoRein/ST's unidirectional slit form also enables a high degree of dematerialization and customization in fiber orientation, allowing tailored performance to meet specific design requirements.

Additionally, the unidirectional form minimizes waste and optimizes the use of reinforcement fibers, reducing material costs and environmental impact.

Easy to Process through Tape Weaving, Tape Placement, and Braiding Methods

Our unidirectional slit tape is easy to process through tape weaving, tape placement, and braiding methods. We offer two polymer options - polypropylene (PP) and Polylactic acid (PLA). We also provide color options for polymer materials in serial-size orders.

EcoRein/ST Slit Tape Options

ST25   I   ST12   I  ST6

Served in cardboard (pancake) spools in three width options: 25mm (1’’), 12.7mm (1/2‘’), and 6mm (1/4‘’). Tapes are slitted from mother rolls of our EcoRein/UD family; thus the percentage of flax fiber and the matrix is the same as the mother roll. The available length is currently 200m.

Tailored Performance and Efficient Production

Below are some of the key benefits of our unidirectional slit tapes:

  • The tapes can be woven into fabrics, or mesh structures, braided, or placed into molds to create complex shapes with precision.
  • The manufacturing process is highly efficient, with minimal waste and reduced production costs and CO2 emission .
  • Suitable for a variety of electrified mobility applications such as door panels.
  • Commercial sporting goods like golf clubs, bicycles, hockey sticks, tennis rackets, and winter sports equipment can also benefit from the high strength and lightweight properties of EcoRein/ST.
  • Offer superior fatigue resistance and damage tolerance compared to other composite materials.

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