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EcoRein® Plate

EcoRein® Plate is a multi-ply flat laminate based on EcoRein® UD and Woven Prepreg families.

EcoRein® Plate family provide the unique advantages of EcoRein® Prepregs within a laminate structure and offer flexible design in terms of stacking sequence, thickness and dimension. EcoRein® Plates are here to help you in reducing the production cycle time by eliminating the preparation processes such as cutting-placing of plies and preconsolidation steps.

EcoRein® Plates can be designed for;
* load bearing applications or non-structural parts as well
* barrier systems to structure-borne noise

EcoRein® Plate family is suitable for thermoforming processes (compression or vacuum moulding, injection overmolding) to be shaped in any geometry or can be used as flat laminates.

EcoRein® Plate family is available as flat laminates up to 2.5 mm thick in required stacking sequences.
No specific precautions in handling, composite manufacturing, storage,packaging and transport is required.

EcoRein® Plate

Laminated Prepreg Solutions

EcoRein® Plates (LMN)

Unidirectional and Woven Prepregs of BPREG served as laminated plates up to 2,5 mm in varied stacking sequences and dimensions. Please get in touch for details.

Need Customized Solutions?

EcoRein® Plates are produced from EcoRein® UD and/or EcoRein® Woven Prepreg families to replace/reduce glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites.

EcoRein® Plates are also compatible with conventional natural fiber based mats/nonwovens. This material combination is ideal solution to reach the optimum price / performance ratio for thinner/lighter designs in weight and plastic reduction.

Combining EcoRein® UD and/or EcoRein® Woven Prepreg families with carbon- or basalt- fiber based preforms to achieve exceptional mechanical performance and ultimate lightweighting is another option we offer. We have designed and tested 2.5 mm thick hybrid plates with EcoRein® UD-50 and Tafnex™ from Mitsui Chemicals. Curious about the performance of flax/carbon combination? Drop us an e-mail.

EcoRein® Plate family offer design flexibility in fiber/polymer ratio, ply number & thickness, stacking sequences of plies and dimension of plates. Just let us know to re-design performance-determining production parameters and offer you the best-fit product.