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Flax Fiber Reinforcement: Meet EcoRein/F

EcoRein/F is a family of flax fiber-based reinforcement fabrics designed for use in thermoset and thermoplastic composites. Our fabrics offer a sustainable, carbon-neutral alternative to traditional reinforcement materials like carbon and glass fibers. EcoRein/F fabrics are lightweight, high-performance, and easy to process, making them an ideal choice for zero-emission focused industries.

Unique Benefits of EcoRein/F

  • Lower CO2 footprint
  • Easy handling and drapability in the mold
  • High mechanical performance, less resin absorption, lightweight laminate
  • 40% lighter than glass fiber
  • Excellent vibration-damping properties
  • Natural aesthetic
  • UV resistance

Superior Processing Compatibility

EcoRein/F family can be processed with both thermoset and thermoplastic resins, making it a versatile choice for various industries. It has excellent processing compatibility with carbon fibers. But that's not all. EcoRein/F can also be combined with other materials, including non-woven structures, and reinforcing fabrics of natural or glass fiber.

Available up to the width of 150 cm in rolls, the EcoRein/F family requires no specific precautions in handling, manufacturing, storage, packaging, and transport

EcoRein/F Dry Fabric Options


Flax fiber unidirectional fabrics, 200 g/ m2


Flax fiber woven fabrics, 2x2 twill, 300 g/ m


Flax fiber woven fabrics, 2x2 twill, 250 g/ m


Flax fiber woven fabrics, 2x2 Twill, 400 g/ m

Tailored Width and Weight

150 cm width and customized weight options are available at minimum order quantities.

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Marine Applications: EcoRein/F is ideal for marine applications such as boat hulls, decks, etc. due to its excellent vibration-damping properties. Flax fibers offer high impact strength and have a similar stiffness to glass fibers, but they are much lighter, which makes them an excellent alternative for reducing the weight of boats, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and speed. EcoRein/F also provide superior aesthetics to boats, as they offer a unique natural look and feel.

Sports and Leisure Applications: Flax fiber reinforcement fabrics are increasingly being used in applications such as snowboards, skateboards, surfboards, and kayaks due to their high strength, durability, and sustainability. EcoRein/F offers excellent impact resistance, stiffness, and fatigue performance, making it perfect for high-performance sports equipment. The unique natural look and feel make it an attractive option for customers.