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EcoRein® Dry Fabric

EcoRein® Dry Fabrics are flax fiber based technical fabrics, designed to be used in thermoset & thermoplastic composites.

EcoRein® Dry Fabric family is here to offer sustainable alternatives in reinforcing materials with its varied weave patterns consisting of low-twist flax fiber based yarns. Being carbon-neutral, renewable, strong and light (similar to carbon fiber and 40% lighter than glass); flax fibers are of interest for zero-emission focused industries.

EcoRein® Dry Fabric family is suitable to be processed with either thermoset resins via vacuum infusion and resin transfer moulding (RTM) or thermoplastic film/sheet/powder via compression moulding.

EcoRein® Dry Fabric family can be combined with varied materials such as non-woven structures, reinforcing fabrics of natural- glass- or carbon fiber based, and decorative fabrics.

EcoRein® Dry Fabric family is now available in rolls of 150 cm wide.

No specific precautions in handling, composite manufacturing, storage,packaging and transport is required.

EcoRein® Dry

Fabric Solutions

EcoRein® F

Flax fiber based woven fabrics

EcoRein® F-P

Flax fiber and polymer based woven fabrics

Need Customized Solutions?

EcoRein® F, having 97% of flax fiber and 3% of poliester, is designed for thermoset composites.

EcoRein® F-P, having flax and thermoplastic fiber inside, is designed for thermoplastic composites. The flax fiber ratio can be arranged as 30 or 50% by weight. Two polymer options are available; polypropylene and polylactic asit.

Besides current product portfolio, EcoRein® Dry Fabric tailored to your needs is just a call / e-mail away. Just let us know to re-design performance-determining production parameters and offer you the best-fit product.