About B-PREG

We are committed to create new industrial deal in nature-based lightweighting technologies!
Meet with our multi-disciplined team developing next generation of commercial natural fiber based composites


Burcu Karaca Ugural, Ph.D.

Burcu brings 10+ years of expertise in natural fiber composites and textile structures. She is an enthusiastic researcher in natural fibres, textile materials & technologies and biocomposites. Her Ph.D. thesis on production and characterization of aligned flax fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite material is the point of origin for UD-Flax. She is Chief Technology Officer at B-PREG. She is also co-founder of a Cooperative currently reviving flax cultivation in Turkey. In short, she is the dreamer and technical lead of B-PREG team.


Erhan Sessizoglu

Erhan, other co-founder of B-PREG, has a BS in mechanical engineering from the well-recognised Middle East Technical University (METU) of Turkey. He has 15+ years of expertise in automotive industry. He worked for TOFAS (FCA Turkey, one of the biggest car manufacturers in Turkey) for 18 years under different managerial positions. His final position at TOFAS was World Class Manufacturing Executive, 2009 – 2016. Erhan is also VP and partner of FEGO Electric Inc., an SME located at Bursa, Turkey manufacturing electrical connectors made out of copper and aluminum for 15 years. He is currently leading operations and production in B-PREG; he is the business mind of the team.

Semih Erden

Semih is an experienced business developer. He is a second-time entrepreneur, ex co-founder of Gixal, a hardware startup focused on defining novel ways of interactions between people and machines. He has worked more than 7 years in technology commercialization field; worked with tens of hardware and life-science startups as a mentor. He is a Registered Technology Transfer Professional by Alliance Of Technology Transfer Professionals. He is the realist, the bad guy of the team.


Zeynep Derece

Zeynep has 8+ years experience in banking and finance ; marketing and credit management for institutional customers, investment banking management, financial relations management of international partners. She has a permaculture farm located in Izmir where she gained vast expertise in cultivation and sustainable agriculture. She is also co-founder of Dongu Cooperative, a cooperative focused on agricultural production and r&d for creating sustainable agricultural models and solutions for both farmers and industry in Turkey. She is currently building value chain of B-PREG from flax field to composite. Finance and agriculture is a strange mixture of Zeynep but this makes her the best fit for B-PREG.


Gökhan Kozu

Gokhan is a mechanical engineer having 2+ years of experience in manufacturing & prototyping. He has perfection in 3D modelling, Solidworks, AutoCad, ANSYS Workbench, Mathematica and any technical tool needed. He is the man behind production of B-PREG. He is youngest member of the team fueling us in motivation!


Join Our Team?

What makes us a great place to work? Be sure you will be experiencing startup culture at its best! We are on a mission to commercialize an innovative product which brings lots of barriers to exceed. We are proud to give stock options to every motivated employee. So when our team wins, we all win. We are in Izmir, fastest growing metropolitan area in the world with quality life standards! Do not hesitate to contact with us