High Performance

Our composites deliver superior mechanical properties, including exceptional strength-to-weight ratios and superior impact resistance, making them an ideal replacement for synthetic composites.

Low Eco-Impact

By replacing synthetic materials like plastics, glass fiber, and even carbon fiber with our composites made from renewable natural fibers, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact


High performance, sustainability, and affordability can all coexist, without sacrificing one for the other. We've taken natural fiber composites to an 'industrially feasible level' with our patented technology


reduce the weight of your parts/products; our flax or hemp reinforced composites are lighter, yet still strong enough to meet your performance requirements

EcoRein® Prepregs: The Future of Green Manufacturing

Our prepregs; also known as EcoRein® are thermoplastic-based sheets reinforced with aligned natural fibers (flax, hemp). EcoRein combines thermoplastic's recyclability and reformability advantages with carbon-neutral biobased reinforcement to minimize waste and environmental impact. For applications aiming for further recyclability; we offer our prepreg solutions with biodegradable thermoplastics.

EcoRein unidirectional and woven prepregs are ready to shape via thermoforming; vacuum forming, compression, and injection molding (back injection and over-molding). They provide processability in short cycle times at low temperatures. Our bio-based composite solutions also propose design flexibility by customized fiber orientation and layer thickness in the required direction.

Served with a wide range of widths, thicknesses, and weights and BPREG's natural fiber composites engineering know-how; EcoRein is the ultimate industrial solution to meet sustainable manufacturing needs.

For a Wide Range of Industrial Manufacturing Needs

At BPREG, we know that advanced manufacturing industries demand performance materials that are both cost-effective and sustainable. That's why we're excited to offer a range of prepregs and dry fabrics in wide-width rolls and narrow tapes that help businesses lower their environmental impact without compromising on performance.

EcoRein® is compatible with thermoplastic and thermoset applications.

Ready to discover the power of natural-fiber materials? Contact us today to learn more about our innovative composite solutions and find out how they can transform your applications.

Fully-electrified vehicle interior trims; sustainable, aesthetic, lightweight but strong vehicle parts by replacing/reducing plastics or glass-fiber composites

Sustainable mobility vehicles; body and interior parts of zero-emission urban/micro-mobility vehicles such as three-wheelers, e-motorbikes, e-bikes, cargo bikes

Semi or non-structural yachts & boat parts; such as interior furniture, floorboards by replacing glass fiber mats, glues, and toxic materials or combining with carbon to lower carbon emission of the yacht

Sports & leisure equipment such as rackets, scooters, boards, bikes, sticks, kayaks, paddles, etc.

Sustainable consumer products such as cases, luggage, etc.; we enable natural and aesthetic surface applications by combining mechanical performance and recyclability

Interiors & Furniture - sustainable design of interior architecture applications such as wall panels, booths, office design, luxury furniture


- plastic/glass/carbon fiber use

- the environmental footprint

- weight while preserving stiffness

- cost-up while going green

Wide Industrial Processability

Our materials are compatible with widely used industrial processes like thermoforming, injection overmolding, automated tape placement, vacuum infusion, or resin transfer molding (RTM), etc.

Industrially Scalable

Our thermoplastic prepregs and woven fabrics are available in industrial-size rolls with a complete secure industrial value chain.

No Waste!

Our prepregs can be re-shaped in case of a problem in production. Moreover, the scraps or offcuts can be shredded into small flakes and can be used as recycled raw material for either bulk molding compound or injection molding