High Performance

BPREG's unidirectional thermoplastic prepregs and woven fabrics perform high mechanical properties enabling a wide range of industrial applications

Low Eco-Impact

reduce environmental impact and carbon footprint by replacing/reducing synthetic materials like plastics, glass-fiber, and even carbon fiber

Cost Efficient

high performance, sustainability, and affordability; no more dilemma of selecting appropriate material! BPREG's novel manufacturing technology makes low-cost but high performing natural fiber composites possible!


reduce weight and cost without sacrificing mechanical
performance by optimizing material use with natural fiber composites

Bio-based, Recyclable, Reformable, even Biodegradable

BPREG's prepregs; also known as EcoRein™, are thermoplastic-based sheets reinforced with aligned natural fibers (flax, hemp). EcoRein™ combines the recyclability and reformability advantages of thermoplastics with carbon-neutral biobased reinforcement to minimize waste and environmental impact. For applications going beyond recyclability; we offer our prepreg solutions with biodegradable thermoplastics.

EcoRein™ unidirectional and woven prepregs are ready to shape via thermoforming; vacuum forming, compression, and injection molding (back injection and over-molding). They provide processability in short cycle times at low temperatures. Our bio-based composite solutions also propose design flexibility by customized fiber orientation and layer thickness in the required direction.

Served with a wide range of width, thickness, and weight and BPREG's composite engineering know-how; EcoRein™ is the ultimate industrial solution to meet sustainable manufacturing needs.

For a Wide Range of Industrial Manufacturing Needs

Sustainable material solutions of BPREG, named EcoRein® , are offered in different industrial forms such as wide-width rolls, narrow tapes, laminated plates to help manufacturing industries lower their environmental impact while maintaining optimized cost and performance. EcoRein® is compatible with thermoplastic and thermoset applications.

Not familiar with high-performing natural-fiber materials? Here is a bunch of EcoRein® applications. Just drop us an e-mail; our technical team is ready to listen your potential applications.

Automotive - sustainable, lightweight, strong vehicle parts such as interior trims, body panels of electric vehicles, trucks by replacing/reducing glass-fiber or even carbon fiber

Sustainable Mobility - zero-emission urban/micro-mobility vehicles, three-wheelers, bikes, caravans

Boats & Marine - greener boat/yacht body or interior parts by replacing glass fiber mats, glues, toxic materials

Acoustic - thinner, lighter, better noise-barrier/acoustic panels addressing structure-borne noises

Consumer Products - nature-feeling, innovative and sustainable consumer products; enabling natural and aesthetic surface applications

Interiors & Furniture - sustainable design of interior architecture applications such as wall panels, booths, office design, luxury furniture


We design.
We develop.
We manufacture
High quality & high performance & affordable natural fiber-reinforced composites for the manufacturing industries

Industrial Processability

Our solutions are compatible with widely used industrial processes like thermoforming, injection overmolding, automated tape laying etc.

Developed for Scalability

Our unidirectional prepregs and woven fabrics are available in continuous rolls; 150 cm and 175 cm in width, respectively.

Strong Recyclability

Our prepregs can be re-shaped in case of a problem in the production. Moreover, the scraps arising from the edges of the final product can be ground as small flakes and fed into the extrusion process.