High Performance

reduce weight in applications
requiring high mechanical
performance; replace wood-
plastic composites or glass-mat
reinforced thermoplastics with
our sustainable unidirectional
natural fiber reinforced


go green with our partly
bio-based or 100%
biodegradable natural-fiber
based composites, lower
your eco-impact with the
power of high performance
carbon-neutral natural


our prepregs combine
performance with
affordability thanks to
novel production
technique, time to
rethink large-serial
applications with natural-
fiber based composites

Better NVH

combine carbon fiber
with our prepregs,
design hybrid
composite structures
with better noise,
vibration, and
harshness (NVH)

Lightweight, strong,
sustainable & affordable

We believe in natural solutions for the transformation of industries into a green and sustainable form. Environmental and sustainable benefits of natural fibers are obvious when compared with petroleum-based non-degradable materials. But we are also aware of a fact in material selection: enable maximum weight reduction while maintaining optimum performance in the most sustainable and affordable way

As B-PREG we spend all of our effort to create sustainable, cost-effective bio-based composites with satisfactory mechanical properties and replace man-made solutions on the market. We are focused and specialized "only" on natural fiber-reinforced composites which we believe future lies in.

By simplifying the conventional production process of natural fiber-reinforced UD prepregs with our patent-pending technology; we are ready to serve industries wishing to go green while staying competitive. Be part of the next generation of industrialized natural fibers with B-PREG Inc.


Our prepregs are a good fit for different applications in multiple industries. The applications could include, but not limited to the following:

  • to design lightweight, high performance and eco-superior automotive interiors
  • for sustainable (100% biodegradable or partly bio-based) consumer product design
  • to provide nature-feeling in interior spaces of yacht & buildings
  • as a noise barrier in acoustic panel systems
  • weight reduction in electric vehicles
  • as a layer in ballistic multilayered armor systems
  • to enhance NVH properties of carbon fiber composites


We design.
We develop.
We manufacture.
We enable sustainable composites in multiple industries.

Developed for

Our prepregs are available
in rolls up to 100 cm wide
and 50 m long; we meet
demands at industrial scale

Machining Fit

Our prepregs are
compatible with thermoforming,
injection overmolding and
automated tape laying processes


our prepregs are produced
without effluent, hazardous air
pollutants and waste, they are