High Performance

Up to three-fold better
mechanical performance
compared to wood-plastic composites; similar and
even 10% better mechanical
performance compared to
glass-mat-reinforced thermoplastics


Carbon-neutral natural
fibers in reinforcement,
Recyclable thermoplastic in matrix, non allergenic &
easy handling prepregs

Design Freedom

Continue production of UD prepregs in wide range of width, weight and performance

Noise Barrier

Up to 40 dB sound transmission loss via only 3 mm thick panels; a unique insulation/weigth performance

Sustainability Meets
Price-Performance Value

We believe in natural solutions for transformation of industries into a green and sustainable form. Environmental and sustainable benefits of natural fibers are obvious when compared with petroleum based non-degradable materials. As B-Preg we are focused and specialized "only" on natural fiber reinforced composites which we believe future lies in. We spend all of our effort to create sustainable, cost-effective biocomposites with satisfactory mechanical properties and replace man-made solutions on the market.

By simplifying the conventional production process of natural fiber reinforced UD thermoplastic prepregs with our patent-pending technology; we are ready to serve industries wishing to go green while staying competitive. Be part of the next generation of industrialized natural fibers with B-PREG Inc.


Looking for a solution in lightweighting technologies? UD-Flax is a good fit for multiple industries like

  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer goods
  • Building & construction
  • Renewable energy


We design.
We develop.
We manufacture.
We are driving lightweighting technologies in multiple industries.

Developed for

Thanks to our patent pending technology,
UD-Flax is available in rolls up to 100 cm width;
meets mass production demand

Machining Fit

UD-Flax is compatible with thermoforming,
injection overmolding and automated tape laying processes


UD-Flax, produced without effluent,
hazardous air pollutants and waste,
is a clean-tech and non-allergenic